Legends and Myths Surrounding the Basilica del Voto Nacional

The Basilica del Voto Nacional, a stunning neo-Gothic church located in Quito, Ecuador, is not just an architectural marvel but also a treasure trove of legends and myths. As you walk through its grand halls and gaze at its intricate details, you can almost hear the whispers of the past, telling tales that have been passed down through generations. Join us as we explore some of the most intriguing legends and myths surrounding this iconic structure.

The Unfinished Tower

One of the most persistent legends about the Basilica del Voto Nacional is the story of its unfinished tower. According to local lore, the Basilica will remain incomplete until the end of the world. It is said that the completion of the church would signify the end of time, prompting the builders to intentionally leave parts of it unfinished. This belief adds an air of mystery and suspense to the already awe-inspiring structure, making it a must-visit for those fascinated by the unknown.

The Cursed Cornerstone

Another captivating myth involves the cornerstone of the Basilica. Legend has it that the cornerstone is cursed, and those who touch it will be plagued by misfortune. This story likely originated from the laborers who worked on the church, many of whom faced difficult and dangerous conditions. The tale of the cursed cornerstone serves as a reminder of the hardships endured by those who built this magnificent edifice.

The Gargoyles

The Basilica is adorned with numerous gargoyles, each representing different animals native to Ecuador. These unique figures are said to serve as protectors, warding off evil spirits and safeguarding the church. One popular myth suggests that the gargoyles come to life at night, prowling the grounds to ensure that the church remains safe from harm. This eerie tale adds to the mystical allure of the Basilica, drawing visitors who are eager to catch a glimpse of these supposed nighttime guardians.

The Ghostly Monk

Among the many spirits said to haunt the Basilica, the most famous is that of a monk who roams the corridors at night. According to legend, this ghostly figure is the spirit of a monk who died under mysterious circumstances during the construction of the church. Visitors have reported seeing a shadowy figure in a monk’s habit, hearing unexplained footsteps, and feeling a sudden chill in the air. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the story of the ghostly monk adds a spine-tingling element to the Basilica’s rich tapestry of legends.

The Secret Passageways

Hidden within the Basilica’s walls are rumored to be a network of secret passageways and hidden chambers. These secret spaces were allegedly used by priests during times of persecution and have since become the subject of much speculation and intrigue. While no concrete evidence of these passageways exists, the idea of secret rooms and hidden corridors captures the imagination of many visitors, adding an element of adventure to their exploration of the Basilica.

The Sacred Heart

At the heart of the Basilica stands a statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which is believed to possess miraculous powers. According to legend, those who pray before this statue with a pure heart and sincere intentions will have their prayers answered. This belief has made the Basilica a popular pilgrimage site, drawing faithful visitors from all over the world who seek solace and divine intervention.


The Basilica del Voto Nacional is more than just a beautiful church; it is a repository of stories, legends, and myths that enrich its history and deepen its cultural significance. Each tale, whether it be of unfinished towers, cursed stones, or ghostly monks, adds to the mystique and allure of this remarkable structure. As you explore the Basilica, allow yourself to be transported by these stories, and experience the magic and mystery that make it one of Quito’s most fascinating landmarks.

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