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Unveiling Quito's Crown Jewel: La Basílica del Voto Nacional

Come visit the incredible La Basilica Voto Nacional!

Unveiling a story spanning centuries and layered in tradition, this narrative explores the enchanting allure of Quito, Ecuador. Central to our tale is the Basilica del Voto Nacional, an emblem of neogothic architecture that forms the vibrant heart of the city. Notably unfinished, local legend whispers that once its construction concludes, so too will the world. Yet, even in its incomplete state, the basilica’s grandeur rivals any structure in Ecuador.

The basilica’s origins date back to 1883, proposed by Father Julio Matovelle as a monument to honor Ecuador’s consecration to the Sacred Heart. Taking inspiration from the Bourges Cathedral, architect Emilio Tarlier brought this vision to life, with Pope John Paul II bestowing his blessings in 1985.

A labyrinth of majestic heights and dimensions, the basilica features fourteen bronze apostles and evangelists, a pantheon with the remains of past leaders, and 24 chapels, each representing a province of Ecuador. The basilica’s iconography reflects the natural beauty of Ecuador, replacing traditional gargoyles with sculptures of the nation’s indigenous fauna like condors, alligators, and Galápagos tortoises.

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Enjoy Night Tour

Moonlit Mysteries at La Basílica del Voto Nacional: Imagine exploring the towering majesty of La Basílica del Voto Nacional during the day or under a canopy of stars, where the city's twinkling lights compete with the night sky. On this enchanting night tour, ascend the ancient bell towers, their chimes echoing tales from centuries past. Each step reveals whispered legends, as the history of this magical edifice unfolds before you. It's not just a tour; it's a adventure through time! Don't miss this mesmerizing journey where history, architecture, and night's allure weave an unforgettable tapestry.
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Why visit?

Architectural Fusion at Its Finest: Unlike any other cathedral in the world, La Basílica del Voto Nacional boasts a breathtaking blend of neo-Gothic grandeur with an Ecuadorian twist.
A Panoramic Experience: If you're seeking a view to remember, the towers of this basilica won't disappoint. After ascending the dizzying heights of its gothic spires, you are rewarded with a panoramic vista of Quito's historic heart, ringed by the rolling Andean mountains.
A Journey Through Time and Faith: Beyond its architectural allure, La Basílica del Voto Nacional stands as a testament to Ecuador's spiritual dedication. Its very construction was rooted in a vow to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and within its walls, you'll find chapels dedicated to various saints, each telling a story of faith, hope, and devotion.